Room 1 : Pranks & Rabbits    

We were doing a late night extra (slightly drunken) site tour.  Stu promised to hold my hand.  I looked ina window and saw a "normal" looking staff member.   They saw me peering in the window and I thought it would be fun to play a trick so I rattled the window then hid on the other side of the building.  I pressed myself against the bricks in the cold and dark...but where ws Stu?   I called out "Stu, Stu" but only strange voices answered and they seemed to come from all directions.   I felt compromised, I was ready to run - but which way???  Then I saw a row of shadowy figures sneaking along my wall.   I made a run for it but the "black rabbit" with long ears got me in a spooky touch/no touch ghostly way.   Then I woke up - dry mouth, heater on and grey dawn over the river.

Room 1 : Going Nowhere

Our ute was being filled with things, objects, presumably from a house (but this was not clear to me) /  Several peope I recognise were there helping.  We kept putting things in, the ute 'lowered' gradually to ground - it was obvious it couldn't be driven, but we just kept putting things in - piling them up even higher.   Going nowhere.

Room 2 : Family    

Lots of activity, undefined area, movement, talking, not a definite topic of conversation, one female becomes noticible and is very happy speaking loudly about new house, car, baby, nappies etc., but demonstrates dominance and no respect for male partner.   This image fades as partner's male friends arrive and all are happy holding new baby and passing around the group is evidence of pride from partner but the couple don't speak to each other.  

Motel Dreaming Siren and its implicators then appear in the dream, and all faces to stillness and quiet.

Room 2 : Door Number One    

I'm travelling by myself and find an old shack to set up camp for the night.   I open the door and briefly catch a glimpse of the room - rotten wood floors, disused fireplace, a nest of spiders in the corner before the room dissolves away and I am left standing in the same patch of woods.  

I don't understand and take a step back and there is the shack again, creaky but present.  I step up to the door and open it up, and there the woods.  

I sit down on the threshold and wait for the room to appear so I can enter.

Room 3 : London - The Return    

I moved back to London with my friend Anna, except it was a combination of two friends - Anna and Hannah.  We were running out of money and she spent our last 10 pound on red stripper pants.   I was cross!

Room 5 : Thick-skinned    

I was hanging an exhibition at MONA and the main piece, the piece de resistance was a ladies skinned tattoos, so the team and I wwere heating her up in a big bath.  I had my sleeves rolled up and was chatting with her while I helped her remove her layers of tattoed skin and lotioned her remaining skin.  I was then taking her thick leathery hide and putting in a red bucket which set the skin, hanging it out to dry and preparing it for the wall.

Room 5 : Crumpet Mega-Pants    

I was standing on the top of an eternal, lush grassy hill.  I looked to my right and saw an over-sized pink rabbit looking up at me.  He gave me a wind and started running down the hill.  I rolled down the hill after it and this continued the entire time until I woke up.

Room 6 : Red neon glow   

People keeping me awake.   Ticking clock.  All.  Night.

Room 6 : Untitled      

I was floating around the motel re-living everything I saw last night.   The lines between dreams and reality was completely blurred.

Room 7 : The Fat Man Arises    

I was being pursued by an obese man in the back street behind the pub where I spent a lot of time as a child.  This man was over 6 ft tall seaty and randy as fuck.  He kept trying to put his hand up my dress.   I then realised I was being investigated by an old drama teacher for being sexually active.

Room 8 : Wrong Turn    

I was at a conference, El Pinto is coming.  I just got my violin because I was going to play some music with a friend.  We were outside in their lobby.   There was a pseudo children's playground inside but the furntiure and the apparatus desperately needed updating.  The cushions told me themselves (yes two cushions talked).  I lost my way and ended up making my way back but embarassingly it was night at the front of conference right where they were about to present some awards.  Walked past the main, very respected presenter, past the awards, cameras and finally out the door.  I found my friend and noticed the school playground in the lobby was being painted new colours.  I talked to the cushions, they've been puffed up new again.  Great.  time to play some violin.

Room 8 : I Only Dream About Sex and Fear    

Last night I remember getting my foot stuck in quicksand.  But that is all I remember and I wasn't afraid.

Room 9 : Forgotten Personals    

My children were due to arrive home by boat.  The older 2 got home safely but the younger 2 were lost and their boat went to China.

I was swimming in the sea to reach them but as I swam I came across all their babies - the size of walnuts, floating in the water and clinging to sticks.  As I swan I scooped up as many babies as I could until my hands were full and I couldn't carry any more babies.  They were cold and wet so I told everyone to strip off their clothes, undress the babies, do CPR on babies with 2 fingers then hold them close to their breast to warm them up.  

No-one would help and I was screaming at them to help these babies.

Room 9 : The Fridge    

I saw a fridge (bar fridge) on a rocky outcrop, full of take-away containers full of food - chops, sausages, lemon slice, steak, cheesecake, vanilla slice.  People that were passing by were trying to stuff more containers of food into the already overstocked fridge.  

There were so many containers in the fridge they were falling out but people were still trying to push in more.  

There was a boat floating by and it looked like it was going to crash on the rocks.  

I was then in a room with a lady trying to sell me some trousers.  Some Asian people came by it looking for next door and I told "Fuck off, I'm getting dressed".

Room 10 : Wonderland    

Books, bargaining, adventures (around Tasmania!) and sex….  I don't remember the details!

Room 11 : Rome Child Star    

I was travelling through Rome and got to a strange Piazza where I could use my hand to slide over the view ahead and the vista became an app.  Where images would expand as I zoomed in.   They were out of gelato!   I was then on stage with many other 'child stars' to my bitter disappointment when I didn't win the logie!

Room 11 : Children in the Fog and Flying Rabbit    

Last night I had a very simple dream that my children, 10 year old girl and 18 year old boy were standing in our living room in the fog.  

The night before I had a far more interesting dream, I was on a tree lined street on suburban Hobart, it was a steep hill and someone had a pet which was ambiguous i.e. a rabbit then it was a small dog, then a cat, then it flew off into the trees.

Room 12 : All Girl Heist    

I was in a warehouse trying to find a particular box for a customer who was in the warehouse wth me - a girl.  She gave me a particular look and I knew the game was on.  I tried to lower the warehouse door but there was a small opening and two other girls came in, they asked me to give it to them.  I didn't know what to do.   They got guns out and shot around in the sky.  I looked down to the ground and my son was watching me.  I woke up.

Room 12 : Share My Ride    

I was picking pu the kids in a hot rod/train automobile.  The kids were on the hot rod and didn't want to share the ride.  Especially the use of the horn/train whistle.  During which the hotrod/train morphed into one of those small car cable rides in a shopping mall.

Room 13 : Black and White    

I am in a long corridor - pushing a trolley - there are black and white figures moving slowly in and out of rooms on each side as I slowly progress down the corridor.  

There are perspex doors as the end of the corridor that seem a long way off but I don't have a sense of the body on the trolley.  

There could be a body or it could be empty.

Room 13 : "Ring, Ring!"    

We wake early in hospital 50s dorm, single tubular steel beds.  The black bakelite square phone in the middle of the room is ringing.  First up, I answer it.   They want the middle-aged receptionist - a bosomy woman with dark hair asks for Mr Freeman.   "Yes, that's me" I reply.  "The Dr wants to speak to you about your father's death".  She wants to make an appointment but I explain I am in Tasmania - can't he send me an email report.

I am frustrated - after all - why the fuss - he is already dead.  But we wrangle that he will phone me instead.  Then she hangs up.  

I put the phone down.  

"Ring - Ring" I pick it up.  

The receptionist says "The Dr is ready to talk to you.  He wears a grey suit - an elder slim man with a paunch.   The phone hangs up - or perhaps I wake.

Room 14 : Coi-fish Escapes Pond    

I was sitting by a small rock pool, for some reason I was unable to move very much, I could hear lapping water a few meters away from her, as I turned I saw a creature trying to escape the rockpool.  It had the colour and scaes of a coi-fish, strange and white, but it had a long neck like the flying dog from "the never ending story".  From its belly lots of legs were attached.  It was struggling to escape the rockpool because its neck was so long and to stay afloat it needed to paddle all of its little legs, but slowly it got out of the water and approached me.  It was an ominous feeling, but was not trying to attack me.  I don't really understand it.  Then we were both floating.

Room 14 : Blood Bath    

I was wandering around a department store with my mother and siblings.   The building houses many empty shop spaces.  The rooms that were open for business were run by odd characters; strange mannerisms, and intense glares.  The "Healing Pool' was recommended to us:  located in the basement.  We were told that it would make all of our dreams come true:  a panacea.  We popped down there:  the water looked thick, and was a deep red.  "Come on in, pure bathing for all.  You'll feel like a whole new person.  Free entry", said an angelic woman.  Although enticing, I had reservations - it didn't look hygienic or safe.  My brother pushed me in:  I was saturated in blood.  When cleaning myself off in the changerooms, my head began spinning, and my body felt heavy.  I didn't feel quite right.  I was staring at myself in the mirror, and my mum walked past and caught my eye in my reflection.  She said:  (my name), you don't look well, are you okay?".  My eyes (iris and sclera) turned BLACK.  I lost myself, and lunged for her.   I woke up before eating her face off.

Room 15 : Wake me Up When Its All Over    

I could hear "wake me up when it's all over" playing in the background but it was crazy.  I couldn't move my body but I knew I wanted to  - because I wanted to wake up and fuck.

Room 15 : Don't Break My Sunglasses    

I was driving in my hire car, and there was someone from the tax department in it.  I had to show them a power board that they broke.  They also broke my sunglasses.

Room 15 : My Hair    

My ex was writing about my hair on Facebook.  Ha, shallow.  

Sad I was all I don't have hair like that anymore.  My hair is long now, I'm different!

Room 16 : Stomach Ache    

Walking home to our 'house' down narrow dirt steps.  

The 'houses' were chicken coups, quite beautiful and elaborate.  Inside they had displayed photographs of 'before' in small, detailed and colourful frames.  In one photo the children couple before was pink and much smaller, and now the 'after' it was yellow and had an extra room at the front.  When we got to our house - we could get in, it was a simple white mudhouse (thick Mexico) and soon as I got in I fell on 4's to the floor with a bad stomach ache and something hard protruding from my stomach.  I could hold it from outside my body as it moved up to my throat.  I vomitted and wretched and as it came out my partner came over to see what it was and touched and scraped it to release a small, translucent, gre, jelly, cube, out came a blue one and a white one....There was still a large hard lump coming up my throat and I was very scared and made myself breathe deeply, panting.

Room 16 : Mountain House    

I was on some kind of quest which led me on a long and arduous journey with a small group of companions I did not know so frankly they weren't much help - but I have no idea what I was seeking so I can't blame them.  I was no use to them either I guess!   Anyway we were moving up and sort of through this A-MAZING mountain/house - or house/mountain, just trying to find a way through, but it just become more and more labyrinthine and intricately architectural and I lost contact with anyone I knew but there were tonned of other people doing - well, stuff, and quite purposefully.   I wish there was an ending!

Room 17 : Foetus    

I was looking after my sister's pregnancy while she was in the hopsital.  I went to the toilet and the pregnancy fell onto the ground.   I serched around the toilet floor and found a tiny foetus.  It was the size of a mouse.  I rubbed its chest until it breathed.  My sister came by and yelled at me for having the foetus while she wasn't there.  She took it, and held a phone to it to see it was alive, then hugged it to her face and cried.

Room 18 : Epic Saga    

It was some kind of competition in a big house.  At first people were racing.  Then there was a power outage.   People tried to come into a part of the house only me and my family were allowed but they left when I fixed the fuse.  I feel like there is a large part of the dream that I cannot remember.  The final part that sticks in my mind was; the game was won and everyone was happy but a small few tred to make a futile attack.  At that point I left the house and jumped in a river with my friends parents who were not in the dream until that point.  The river was flowing past.

Room 18 : Nada    

Sadly I don't recall any of my dreams.  I had a deep, long, sleep from when I went to bed @1am.   Pretty disappointed as was expecting some wild and wonderful dreams.

Room 21 : Open Windows    

I was in a strange vehicle with many windows.   Some of the windows were open and I was trying to close them all so that my cat wouldn't escape (I have an indoor cat and am often worried about her escaping).   For some reason there was a tiny white kitten that fell out of the window of the vehicle but I wasn't as upset as it wasn't my precious cat.  

The dream took many weird twists and turns and there were other animals involved.

Room 21    

Unfotunately, I have no memory of my dreams last night.  I'm disappointed because my dream life is usually rather vivid and far more interesting than my waking life.  Instead of dreams though, I have a blur, and merging of layer upon layer of visual and aural imagery, stimulated by the Motel Dreaming experience.  The in-house films/clips were mesmerising and have seeped into my subconscious.   Dreams will follow.

Room 23 : Snapped    

I dreamt that my partner and I were married and she wanted a divorce.  This caused me to slap and I went on a killing spree.  Killing all the people who had wronged us through our lives, whilst staying one step ahead of the police.  I'm not sure how it ended only to say I did not wake up feeling anything bad had happened to me.

Room 23 : Postscript    

Alas, while I'm sure I dreamed last night, I kept waking up all night as I was cold, so all my dream fragments slipped away….However, I had this dream last week after listening to your app, so I think it belongs to you:   my partner and I were at a train station, it had may platforms, like in Europe, and we were waiting on the train for it to depart.  I had in my hands the sacred tome, it was a book covered in a soft, thick pelt of black hair.  I was itching to trim it, like pubes or stray eyebrows, but I was worried people would be upset that I had groomed the sacred tome??  Chinese whispers reached us that the town was being swallowed by Hell, the Apocalypse was coming to town.  I watched trains rocket away like shinkansen until we too, shot off like a bullet into wakefulness.

Room 24 : Animals Art and Nail Polish    

I had a few they were linked but I can't remember how.

1. a strange art collector family become obsessed with mine and kept trying to come to my home and get us to go to their gig at 9am in an RSL.  

2. I walked through supermarket and had to find artwork I was allowed to keep.  The artwork was really bad.  

3.  I had my nails done.  They didn't finish so I had to go back.  In the nail ladies place was a beautiful african artist who make large sttrange bewildering animals that were haunting but endearing.  One of the bests had a large tooth and painted my nails with the brush in his mouth.

Room 24 : Brown Pants Men    

Two men running around the jetty at Motel Dreaming, wearing brown pants.  Me thinking - 'that's about right'.

Room 26 : I'm in a Funk    

I was in mud and my gumboots were stuck.  Every time I wanted to move they suctioned further into the mud.  

Then I awoke.

Room 26 : Scousers    

I was in a shopping centre and my old boss from work was there too.  He was in a much better mood than he usually is and needed my help with something.  

All of a sudden he was dressed in a matching plastic tracksuit like Harry Enfield's scousers and speaking like one too.  

He said we needed to do some 'scousing' which he described as the hand-delivery of products purchased on a supermarket.  

He rode on the trolley while someone pushed it and I handed goods out to people in the neighbourhood.

Room 27 : The Amnesiac    

When I woke this morning, I felt like there was a void in my mind - I cannot recall my dream, but I know I was dreaming because waking up felt like I'd suddenly left somewhere else far too quickly.  Normally I have very vivid dreams, but last night, I do not know where my mind took me....the last 7 hours are a scarily empty space, conspicuous by its absence.

Room 29 : Unfamiliar Home Country    

At work, but not my usual job.  A large office where a few people were gathered around a big map of Australia.  All the city names had changed, many were now named after people I'd known (barely) in the past who had died.  

The map was laid on the table and some male office workers who seemed familiar and around my age were laying out some home-made electronic gadgets.  

I wandered into a meeting room and one of the men offered me a drug deal which I declined politely.  I don't know what the drug was but my decision was based on not feeling a beneficial connection to the merchant.

Room 29 : Of not being able to sleep.

Room 30 : Entering a New Career    

I was managing an organisation in an area that I recently graduated in.  It was a good dream but I was very busy in it.  I remember my head moving quickly from side to side to deal with lots of things.   I worked in a really nice space and there was lots going on.  There was one moment where on eo fmy staff members said something quite rude to a child/client) and I knew it wasn't appropriate.  I loved the feeling of being in control of the place and staff, I knew what I was doing and what to say (for once).  I knew I had to deal with this staff member who was being rude so I took a different staff member aside to discuss the issue.  Again I had this feeling of being in control and comfortable in this role.

Room 30 : The Delusional Ocean    

I was riding on the back of a dolphin in the ocean, when it started to sink.  I clung on for dear life and then let go as the dolphin turned into a small salmon that was half drowned by my weight.

Room 31 : I didn't dream.  

I don't usually dream/recall my dreams.  Last night was no different.

Room 31 : Phantom Chicken    

I was out the front of my old kindergarten on the verandah.  There were large cylindrical bins lined out front filled with fire, but not real fire, the fake kind.  Flowing material coloured red and orange.  Young kids were roaming around throwing their belongings in carelessly and running their hands through the flames Bantom  "Phantom" chickens were wandering around us.  

Then I was in a big store ike an antique market and my partner was working their.  We weaved through the aisles to me dead ends.  

I then went outside and walked over to a large discreped house where I haggled with the owner to sell it for $5 $5.5 million.  

Later I walked down a dark aisle and woke up, bolted up and looked around aware that I wasn't in my usual room.

Room 34 : Disco    

I dream of everyone was angry and hated my friends.

Room 35 : Entourages    

Wayan walking with square plates towards the river

Behind her many other women exactly idential

following her….wrapped in silver satin blowing in the wind…. NB:  Remind you of anything?   Just an extended version…..

Room 35 : Being in a large city -

London I think of looking at amazing buildings from different aspects/vantage points.   Bringing into ? On tops of savel? Buildings and hanging out.

Room 36 : Fasinator    

Visual of blue plastic headband with plastic flower arrangement

Room 36 : Untitled      

Footsteps on the dance floor remind me baby of you - is and was playing in my head when I woke

Room 36 : Let loose    

You'll have to leave me out of this social experiment as I took the opportunity to let loose and booz on and I had a ball!  No dreaming for me……that I recall.

Room 38 : Anxiety Dream    

I didn't enter a deep REM sleep nor am I conscious of whether I had a substantial dream.  I was in a half-sleep state and kept having flashes of someone, a female, sleeping.  The image was filled with anxiety and the stroble light effect.  It echoed the visual repetition of the sheep running across the screen from the disco room ie. it was monotonous and didn't go anywhere but felt hypnotic.

Room 38 : Beaneath white sheets and beside bassar brick    

I don't recall an event besides what I saw and sensed in my room.  

I drifted in and out of sleep and felt more conscious of being awake and wanting to dream  

I was also very conscious of my partner who was snoring.  So just lay there thinking of all the images I had seen  

I was conscious of the Dream Television being on, and finally did turn it off at some stage of the night.  

I was a little disappointed that I didn't dream, but certainly spent a lot of time thinking  

I was a relief to reach morning and start the day again.

Room 40 : Oyster Street    

I was with a group of people.  We all had to decide what gifts to buy.  Not sure if it was for a funeral or a birthday, but it was for my mum.  Everyone bought cheesy bouquets of flowers and I was really annoyed, so I didn't buy anything.  Then I felt bad and suggested we all go to Oyster St for lunch.  But then no one wanted to go.   So I went by myself.

Room 40 : Green Field    

The Derwent river view was replaced by that of a green field, with long stems.  /  I wasn't present in the dream but was present in the field.  Very quiet and peaceful.  That all I remember.

River House : Racing to Get It Done    

A car race, with red and silver cars, racing past me - smokey and noisy, it felt like things out of control.  The colours reminded me of the red decker bus.

River House : The Convent Rooftop    

I am on the Convent rooftop and there are lots of sections.  I come across artists and potters and the potters show me their little figures and the glazes and I end up downstairs in the convent looking at paintings on the wall and lots of artistic activity.  Then I am in my old house Holden Street and my sister is using my two male friends as builders to renovate her room, she is knocking down the room next doors walls and she says she is doing it for me so that when I leave my space will be bigger but I kind of resent that she has taken my friend.  Then I am in a circle at a girls school and I start singing chorale the way they all do but the girls get annoyed with me so I say I have a foot cramp and leave with my friend.