The Unconscious Collective (UC) was established by David Patman and Michelle Boyde in 2014 as an informal collaboration of artists, with expertise and experience in sound, movement, contemporary and digital art and design.

As individual practitioners, our work often explores hypnagogic and liminal states such as dreams, visions, reverie and wonder.  Our interest in these states is, however, less about what they might reveal about the psychology of individual audience members, and more in their significance as a shared experience that may reflect broader social narratives and concerns.

We occasionally collaborate on projects which engage with these themes. Recent projects have included a social sleeping and dreaming experiment at a motel, a 2 night road trip art adventure to Cradle Mountain national park, sound sculptures using the dreams of primary school childrenhanging bio-sensor equipped pods for snoozing audience members. and cardiophonic furniture for a medical research institute.

Past and present collaborators:

Matt Warren

Jason James

The Telepathy Project

Noah Pedrini

Danielle Brustman

Gerhard Mausz

Miyuki Jokiranta

Jonnine Standish (HTRK)

Richie Cyngler